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POWER LINES : electric pylons


Digitalize and Remotely Monitor Your Static Structures with Flod.AI: Gain Key Insights, Predictive Maintenance, and Optimize Operations to Save Money, Materials, and Enhance Efficiency.

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What Sentive AI Can Do?

Automated monitoring for your static structures

The image features an icon of an eye within a circle above the word "Detection," with a caption stating the capability to detect any rare event occurring on infrastructures.


Detect any rare event occurring on your infrastructures.

Evolution : Follow the evolution of your infrastructures (corrosion, structural aging...).


Follow the evolution of your infrastructures (corrosion, structural aging...).

Localize any shock that occured on your structure


Localize any shock that occurred on your infrastructures.

Get an alert when something abnormal happens


Get an alert when something abnormal happens.

Real-Time 3D Modeling and Angle deformations

Verticality Tracking on Unstable terrain

The image illustrates a structural monitoring setup with a blue vertical beam and sensor equipment, highlighting features like 'Real-Time 3D Modeling and Angle deformations' and 'Verticality Tracking on Unstable terrain'.
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Real-Time 3D Modeling and Angle deformations

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Verticality Tracking on Unstable terrain

a diagram that includes an illustration of a laptop with the label "Multipurpose AI Software," suggesting the use of AI for various applications. Adjacent to this is a graphic representing a global network or data connectivity, which may imply the worldwide application or data integration capability of the software. On the right, there is an image of a microchip or sensor with the caption "Advanced Industrial Sensor," indicating the company's expertise in developing sophisticated sensors for industrial use

Precise SAG Estimation

Power lines to illustrate the precise SAG estimation with 3cm precision
This image presents a blue pipeline, with 'Sentive AI' branded software analyzing data from sensors. The line graphs titled 'Left' and 'Right' show sensor readings, indicating AI's role in anomaly and shock detection and localization.

Sensor Triangulation: Impact Localization

State-of-the-art Sensor Developed At TRL9

The image features an advanced sensor chip at the center with icons symbolizing precision, innovative technology, and waste reduction. Texts highlight "Remarkable Accuracy" and "Digital Twin for Continuous Visualization".

Multipurpose Industrial Sensor

  • Battery life up to 10 years, standard batteries

  • Temperature Sensor

  • IP65 rugged

  • Vibration sensor 0 to 1600 Hz

  • 3-axis orientations

  • LORA transmission (Nb IoT on demand)

  • 64 x 64 x 36mm

  • 136g

Multipurpose AI Software

A software interface from Sentive AI, displaying a data analysis platform with an organizational tree for infrastructure on the left. The central area showcases a data processing pipeline, and the 'Layers' page depicts a workflow management system.


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The results were very quickly commented and explained by Sentive AI. I appreciated the availability of Sentive AI and the popularization of our exchanges.

Their listening and our sharing on our real needs and the purpose of this monitoring is very appreciable...

Sebastien Lacaze

DIES - Engineering Development Department

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